Superhero Olympics

CThere are average people, and then there are amazing people, SuperHeros. A SuperHero means more than just buying into some fad or jumping on a bandwagon…

High-Tech Olympics

Propel your Team Building event into the future and electrify your group by incorporating interactive high-tech games…

Dancing with the Stars

It’s time to dance and become a star! TeamUnity’s Dancing with the Stars program allows your guest to escape the office for a day…

Game of Thrones Olympics

The Iron Throne is up for grabs as the Noble Families compete against each other for a claim to the throne.

Urban Challenge – GPS Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt Is On! Explore NYC in our new, fun, interactive, and totally seamless version of the original scavenger hunt….

Beach Olympics

High morale and effective communication techniques are imperative to the success of any business or team, and our unique Beach Olympics program..

Arcade Olympics

A fast-paced, highly interactive program where guests get to play and more importantly get to know each other in an environment of stimulating activity.

Amazing Race

Looking for an excuse to stretch your legs? Look no further than our Amazing Race program, which pits teams of up to 5 people against each other on a challenging trek around a specified location.