Lip Sync Battle Video

Program Overview

et The Battle Begin! Engage your group with an entertaining, hilarious, and exciting spin-off of the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle. This battle will break participants out of their comfort levels and facilitate communication and collaboration. Participants will divide into Groups with each Group being designated a specific music genre (Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, etc.).

Each Team will be given a tablet with a music video of their song, a few minutes to review, practice, and then go “backstage” to choose props to enhance their song. Judges (provided by your company) will judge each Team’s performance and declare a winner for each Group.

First Round will consist of each Team singing a song from their Group’s specific genre. The winner from each Group moves on to the Final Round. The Teams who did not make it to the Final round will become judges.

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Program Details

Engage your group with an entertaining, hilarious, and exciting spin-off of the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle!

Teams will be divided into Groups.  Teams will be given (2) songs. The first song will be of a specific music genre, i.e. Country, R&B, Pop, Rock.  The 2nd song to perform if they make it to the final round. Teams will be given tablets with a music video of their songs. Teams will review, practice and then go “backstage” to choose props to enhance their song.  Each group will be judged on their performance, (Your group to provide the judges!!).

At the end of the competition – the winning teams representing Country, R&B, Pop, Rock will then be divided into Groups (merging teams to make up each of the final groups) to perform their final song. The Teams who did not make it to the final round will now be the judges.

The Lip Sync Battle facilitates collaboration and builds comfort levels amongst your group. Participants leave with strengthened communication skills and new bonds with different people within your group.

Program Specifications

Lip Sync Battle


Core objectives touched – Interactive & Collaboration



  • Indoor: Yes
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Group Size: 12 – 300
  • Space Required: Stage (Rooms for groups to practice)
  • Physical/cerebral: Low to Medium
  • Time Required: 1 – 1.5 Hours



  • Icebreaker: Yes
  • Meeting: Yes
  • Cocktails: Yes
  • During Dinner: Yes


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