Program Overview

unique Team Building program where Teams are arranged into groups and then each group divided into 2 sub-groups. Each sub-group is then separated and given the responsibility of building One half of a Lego Bridge. Criteria must be met by each half of the groups where communication is essential to ensure the bridge is symmetrical, identical and connects!

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Program Details

A company’s reputation can be defined, amongst other things, by every interaction, every expectation set and fulfilled, every product launched, and every promotional and marketing campaign launched. All of these strategies, tactics and programs define a company’s brand and identity and can help a company succeed. Conveying the importance of these items and getting messages across can only be done once TRUST is established and processes are in place so that it can be maintained.

  1. Each team is arranged into two sub-teams…e.g. 1A & 1B; 2A & 2B). One ½ of the team (team A) works on half of their bridge at their designated construction location (specific table or room). The other ½ of the team (team B) works on the other half of the bridge at their designated construction location (specific table not close to other ½ of team if in the same ballroom).
  2. Each team is provided with an identical set of materials with which to build their half of the bridge.
  3. Each team must use at least 50% of the Legoâ materials in building the bridge and may only use the materials provided to construct the bridge.
  4. Teams may not show their constructed bridge to the other half of their team until the end of the exercise, nor may they visit the construction site of the other half of their team.
  5. Each team is allowed to use one cell phone with which to communicate with the other team at set times, however, sharing or sending photos of any kind are prohibited.
  6. There will be several specific meeting times, and they will be announced. At those times, representatives from both halves of the team can meet at specified locations. The first mandatory meeting is 5 minutes after the start of the building period.


Teams & Sub Teams

Each of the 9 teams has approximately 8 participants and each of those teams is split into the 2 halves – meaning there are 18 “half-teams,” so to speak.  There are different roles to play on each team, so it’s important for the Project Manager to assign specific responsibilities to the team. Typical roles are:           

  • Building & Design Team
  • Symmetry/Color Coordination and Control Team
  • Communication/Meeting Content Managers


Judging Criteria

  1. Creativity.
  2. How Identical/Symmetrical are the two halves of the bridge.
  3. Do they connect…NOT just meet!

Points are awarded as teams meet the criteria (10 points to 1 point awarded for each criteria) and an overall consensus from facilitator and/or an executive from client.

Following the designation of the winning team, participants learn about the REAL winning team: the organization that will receive the Legos/Duplo blocks to use with children to stimulate imagination and creativity! The beneficiary representative will be present to say thank you, and raise awareness about their organization.

Program Specifications

Bridge It


Core objectives touched – Competition, Communication, Collaboration & Innovation



  • Indoor: Yes
  • Outdoor: Yes
  • Group Size: 16 – 200
  • Space Required: Ballroom
  • Physical/cerebral: Low
  • Time Required: 1.5 – 2 Hours



  • Icebreaker: Yes
  • Meeting: Yes
  • Cocktails: No
  • During Dinner: No


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