Program Overview

 It’s time to dance and become a star!  TeamUnity’s Dancing with the Stars program allows your guest to escape the office for a day, get their corporate bodies activated  and show off their dance moves! Get some soul rocking, body hopping into your team building activities by dancing and being stars. Now your guests who may have never imagined themselves on a dance floor, can now learn to dance Latin, Country, Hip Hop, Pop and even Tango!
Dancing with the stars

Program Details

  • Objective

    In this highly interactive program, All teams will compete to be named the most creative and best dancing team. Dancers must impress the judges with their moves and rigorous routines.

  • Execution

    In this highly interactive program, Guests will be grouped into teams by the dance genre they chose. Each team will be assigned a skilled professional dancer.  Teams will then watch a 5 minute dance video of that chosen genre. Our professional dancers will then recreate & instruct each team with some signature dance moves! Prior to their big performance teams will have the opportunity to create unique costumes. 

  • Results

    This choreographed competition promotes collaboration amongst fellow colleagues in an environment supporting positive teamwork. Our Dancing with the Stars event is a great event for your personality to be seen in the way you move as an individual, in unison and in a group.

Program Specifications

Core Objectives Touched

  • Interactive
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Competition






Group Size:

20 – 400

Physical / Cerebral:

Physical- Medium/High

Time Required:

1.5-2 hrs

Ideal For:







During Dinner:


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